Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Probiotic Ramen

S. likes the traditional miso soup -- he has fond childhood memories of seeing his dad eat it -- but I still have a hard time stomaching tofu and seaweed. The kids and I, however, have found the perfect marriage of cheap convenience food with healthy stuff you can pat yourself on the back for:

Probiotic Ramen Super-Galore

1 packet ramen, any flavor (not the instant styrofoam-cup kind)

2 c. water
frozen mixed vegetables, one cup or so
an egg
about 1 T. miso, or to taste

Put cold water and vegetables together in a pot and bring to a boil; when boiling, add ramen noodles (reserving flavor pouch, as directed on packet) and cook for 3 minutes. The last minute or so of cooking, crack egg into boiling liquid and quickly stir to break it up. Remove from heat and add contents of flavor pouch. When soup has cooled enough to eat, add miso and stir to incorporate. Makes 2 servings.

TIP: miso is a live cultured food and for full benefit should not be subjected to temperatures hot enough to kill bacteria, though taste would be unaffected.

I've basically done this styrofoam version in gas stations on road trips, but am happy to bring it up a notch .

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