Thursday, April 25, 2013


So, Mark Bittman is relaunching his blog - sort of - as a flexitarian exploration of his menus and a few recipes. Now, I like Mark Bittman and appreciate his contribution to modern eating. He's a tad too full of bluster for my taste, I'd choose the quieter, brainier Michael Pollan most days, but he's fun and accessible. Still, what gives, Bittman? Isn't that what I'm doing over here? Man, these celebrities get all the press.*

But -sigh- I'll keep plodding away in my little kitchen over here. I think my real crowd-pleasing mistake is not liking meat enough. Even if I don't eat it often, I should express some vague longing and regrets about that. Can I become a celebrity based on my love of beans?? I want to share the joy...

(Aren't you glad you're only here electronically? I'm getting all goofy and intentionally leading you to mental places you don't want to go. At least the lack of in-person interaction goes both ways, and you can't throw any shoes or rotten tomatoes at me.)

So finally, drum roll, we're eating food over here:

Almond-apple-cinnamon oatmeal with cream; Minestrone soup (postponed from last week)
Cornmeal mush with syrup, scrambled eggs, canned fruit; Quinoa with feta and spinach, a green salad
Strawberry-hazelnut oatmeal with cream; Carrot soup and sourdough bread
Cracked wheat with syrup, fried eggs, grapefruit; Some kind of pasta with spinach and goat cheese
Muffins; Harira (a delicious Moroccan soup)
Butterscotch oatmeal; Ni├žoise salad
Cereal; Pancakes, bacon, applesauce

*I also heard him recently, by chance, on Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me taking some quiz questions on Batman. You know, Bittman,'s about as far from food as you can get, but quite entertaining.

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