Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pickled Lemons

Right now, I've got three different bacterial food-processes on my counter. Yogurt, which I do frequently; sourdough bread, also a pretty normal sight in my kitchen; and my first fermented-pickle experiment, Moroccan preserved lemons.

It may fail miserably -- and Sage pointed out that it smelled like mouthwash -- but it's pretty, and the Meyer lemons were free leftovers from a fancy event water-dispenser. Can't let them go to waste! Day 1 I packed them into jars with salt and squooshed some juice out of them with a big spoon, then topped them off with some more bottled lemon juice; the second picture is on Day 4. 

We already are taken with a Moroccan soup called harira which has lemon juice as an ingredient, I'll use this instead; and supposedly it's the rinds that are the real delicacy, you rinse off the salt and they taste extra-lemony but without that puckery note, salty-sweet and mild. It will be a few weeks before we can start to sample our own, so we'll see! 

Another beautiful and expert post on lemons like this:

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