Monday, May 16, 2016

Really Good Food Weekend

Besides the (impromptu) fancy pizza in the post below, last weekend had especially good food. Check out this honey-pecan shrimp for our brand new 16-year-old:

And then this black forest masterpiece for his cake (S. did the outer whipped icing, due credit for an awesome job):

Though shocking trivia, there's only a cup or so of flour in this whole thing.

Last year it was good as a double-decker with your goopy pie-filling in the layers; this year I went for the whole triple-decker it called for (using a springform cheesecake pan as a fill-in for a third cake pan), AND soaked it in cherry juice a whole day before serving it. We were all in such heaven!

Finally, for Mother's Day, my wonderful hubby made me cheddar-jalapeƱo waffles with sausages and peppers on top. 
It was the kind of weekend that definitely did damage to the waistline -- and we don't regret it a bit! 
Though I think we're all cooked out for a while.

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