Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday Menus

Monday: Probiotic ramen galore
Tuesday: Mulligatawny stew
Wednesday: Cauliflower gratin, baked sweet potatoes
Thursday: Dhal makhani
Friday: Pizza, chips and dip, lemonade
Saturday: Ni├žoise salad
Sunday: The Usual pancakes

A little note, I got fancier than usual with my pizza last week. I used a loaf's worth of my ooh-la-la artisanal bread dough for the crust, after reading about a related type of technique, and it turned out deliciously. If I started with an artisanal recipe meant for pizza, the result might even end up being mind-blowing. But it was one of those pleasant experiments that turned out pretty well the first time through. We all definitely noticed an increase in tastiness.

Until next week!

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