Monday, July 20, 2015

Heading to Girls Camp

Hubby is in charge this whole week while I'm gone at camp with my oldest daughter -- and for the first time, I'm not leaving him ANY instructions or half-begun meals. Because he can totally handle it, and I want him to have the leeway to find his own comfort zone. I'll be excited to come home and hear all about it...

Though, he did mention one thing that's given me food for thought -- he said the only thing that worries him is that I'm a capable, competent woman and yet I make it look hard. Hmmm. Maybe I play it up too much for appreciation? Or maybe I'm really biting off more than I should? It was an interesting comment, and I'll be doubly curious on his take this coming weekend as we respectively recover (collapse?) after our tasks.

Enjoy your week!

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