Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Menus and Tempura

I'm back, and it 'only' took me about 48 hours to really regain my own self-ness again! My week at camp with my daughter (and 6 or 7 other girls I supervised directly) was rewarding, but I didn't quite realize how tired I was until I came home and crashed.

But, I'm happy to report that hubby did just fine on his own. From all I can tell, the family ate well and cheaply and enjoyed themselves. S. even got most of our master bath taped and painted. So, other than the random uncovered pots with small amounts of dry leftovers all over the fridge, we'll call it a mightily successful endeavor!

Last night we decided that we needed to use up the piles of green beans, zucchini, and shishito peppers that we had harvested from the garden; plus, there was the lushly gorgeous eggplant I had bought at the farm before I even left, which also badly needed eating at this point. Someone thought of tempura, and I wondered if that would work in our fondue pot. Happily, it worked so brilliantly that we'll definitely repeat it sometime. Unhappily, frying individually-battered vegetable pieces is such a slow process that we didn't make much headway into the pile. Which is why we'll be eating stir-fry tonight...

This week:

Monday -- Stir-fry with green beans, zucchini, shishito peppers, eggplant, and beef.
Tuesday -- Tuna melts, beets
Wednesday -- Pasta salad
Thursday -- Crusty potato cake, another zucchini frittata
Friday -- Cuban black beans
Saturday -- Polenta 'pizza'
Sunday -- Pancakes, applesauce, scrambled eggs

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