Monday, May 11, 2015

Flourishing: Mother's Day Prayers

I often pray for specific people I know, who happen to be mothers in many cases; but a really tender prayer I keep in my heart is for mothers generally, everywhere. I've read enough, and served enough, and let's face it, just plain lived enough to know that some of the most important effects in the whole world come through mothers -- and not just the obvious sentimental ones. 

So these are the people I pray for:

Mothers who have lost a baby or young child to death
Mothers who go home to abuse every day
Mothers looking for a mentor but can't find one
Women whose own mothers have passed on
Mothers who are completely exhausted and stretched to the breaking point
Mothers who have children lost to addiction or other harmful habits
Mothers mourning their lost selves
Mothers trying to respond with thought and kindness to difficult toddlers, teenagers, or anyone treating them rudely
Mothers who desperately want children but can't overcome the obstacles of infertility, or singlehood, or simply of husbands who refuse
Mothers facing sickness themselves while continually giving care to those around them
Women who wish to know the qualities of Heavenly Mother and are told that's taboo
Mothers who live surrounded by violence
Women whose own mothers have abused and belittled them
Mothers making life look abundant when there's actually not enough
Mothers with no education
Mothers who don't know how to ask for help
Mothers struggling with deep depression and anxiety
Mothers seeking answers to prayer
Mothers who feel invisible

Do you know any of these people that you can pray for? Are you one of these people sometimes, or often? You are not alone.

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  1. Thanks, K, for this thoughtful post. I don't think I've ever had someone tell me it's taboo to discuss our Heavenly Mother, yet I feel hesitant to anyway. I have noticed that often our general leaders mention both of them, though, in a respectful and beautiful way. Also I looked for more information on the Church's website about why some might feel it's taboo, and under one of the Gospel Topics, I found a link to this. I haven't read it yet but it looks promising! :)