Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Blitz Torte

So, last summer my husband did an internet search for 'world's best cake' and came up with a recipe on a website. I posted about his successful cake initiative here.

It was a kind of cake that we had never seen done before, with a meringue topping baked simultaneously with and right on top of the raw cake batter, and it was delightful. Amongst ourselves, we thought it was nearly perfect, but needed berries.

Well, it turns out that the cake we were really looking for was a Blitz Torte. (Sorry, Norwegian recipe, it looks like the German tradition bests you in this.) Recently, among my mother-in-law's old cookbooks, I found a copy of a Cook's Country magazine with a cover that looked a lot like our last summer's cake, only with berries. (See right.)

Well, that and professional food photography. But I digress. They called this concoction a blitz torte, and if you run a web search, it turns out it's a fairly popular but old-fashioned cake. No wonder we like it so much.

I made the full-on, elaborate version last night for my book club. It was a fair amount of work and expense, more than the simpler Best Cake version, but I think it was worth it.

Except that next time, I'll borrow some extra cake pans and double it if I'm going to be serving 12 people. One slice was most emphatically not enough!

(Recipe for this version here.)

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