Friday, March 13, 2015

6 Years

I just looked back, and I've been blogging here for SIX YEARS as of yesterday.

I started posting mainly because I was tired of people asking me, "Then, what do you eat?" and thought I could just direct them to read for themselves rather than explaining over and over. (Also, because most of the time I was pretty sure their question was just a rhetorical/incredulous one and I didn't want to spend my time answering if they just wanted to gawk.)

Since then, I've really worked hard both to eat in a way that I feel deeply nourishes my family, and to make it accessible to others in my little blog. Over 450 posts and 14,000 pageviews later, I'm glad I'm going strong. It's been wonderful to have carved a place where I can be myself and speak about things that matter to me.

Six years ago, I had a little 18-month-old as my youngest; six years from now, she'll be a teenager. I'm not sure what technology will have come along by then, but I hope I'm still out there, sharing my food and thoughts.

Thanks for reading!

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