Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Menus

Yesterday, hubby made these cornbread-cheese waffles with sriracha-maple syrup...

Choose-your-own oatmeal (i.e., plain) ≈≈ Goat cheese soufflé, salad
Hash browns, canned fruit, fried eggs ≈≈ chili, cornbread
Rice pudding ≈≈ Baked potato bar
Apple-raisin-walnut oatmeal ≈≈ Three-cheese noodle bake, spinach
French toast, applesauce, scrambled eggs ≈≈ Pizza, mixed veggies
Strawberry muffins ≈≈ Niçoise salad

Cereal ≈≈ Roast chicken, vegetables au gratin, cream biscuits
...He also did an amazing job with this raspberry-white chocolate cheesecake on my birthday.
He's on quite a roll!

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