Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Flourishing: Vitamin G

November gets all the gratitude posts -- but half a year away, we have a TON to be grateful for, and since last Sunday we had a lesson that got me thinking about the subject again, I thought I'd post:

Health and dental insurance
Cars that run reliably
Clean water that comes out of a tap, in all temperatures
Nice hand-me-down clothes
Kids who were born alive and healthy, and have stayed that way
Wonderful neighbors
Working appliances, including a dishwasher and our own washer/dryer
Public libraries

Public transportation
Chairs to sit on and beds to sleep in
Internet access
Safe area to live in
Winter being over ;)
Dedicated and kind school teachers
Being able to vote

Our cat, Holly

Thoughtful and funny friends
The earth -- mountains, rivers, meadows, oceans, clouds, the whole shebang
Moments of prayer and inspiration

The incredible affection in our home
and last but most, Mr. Wonderful (my husband) and the love and history we share

Isn't that an amazingly long, fulfilling list? Obviously it could go on further, but I am full of awe at how many of those things are vital to my flourishing that I just don't think about very often. I'm also aware of how many are out of reach even to people I know in my own community. Gratitude does that, it brings compassion and generosity, both of which I certainly always need more of.

Get some Vitamin G today!

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