Sunday, June 8, 2014

Craft Binge

Don't look for me on Etsy anytime soon -- or ever -- but I've had some pent-up crafting desires that have finally burst out recently.

I picked up découpage and appliqué for the first time, mostly because we've been trying to use materials at hand for teacher and birthday gifts, and those have turned out to be a welcome balance of low effort vs. high fun. They've even turned out looking decent as well, which is always a bonus!

But, though by my count I've now sewed close to thirty items of clothing in my adult life, I still make constant mistakes in that hobby. Last week I bought a pattern and fabric and started sewing an adorable pair of shorts for Sage, when partway through I realized I had put the little zipper up the inner leg instead of at the waist. Yes, indeed, a daring new style statement! It was fixable, luckily.

Unluckily, since Sage is hard to size right now and pattern measurements are never intuitive for me, the finished shorts were way too small. No one in our household is ever going to be able to wear them...

Why I'm spending all this crazy time on learning new ways of tinkering with cloth and paper when I still have a rather full-time hobby of cooking from scratch and gardening, not to mention kids and housework, exercise, reading wish lists a mile long, various musical instruments, serving/volunteering, shopping/provisioning and, oh yeah, writing…!, is really beyond me.

But hey, check out Monday's goat cheese soufflé...not just a food, but an event!

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