Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Rest of the Goodies

I hate how after Christmas, the ads instantly switch from 'Perfect Stocking Stuffer!' to 'Buy Yourself What Santa Forgot!' Does such blatant ingratitude really bring customers in? Are there people out there so disappointed by their day-old gifts that they have to go compensate at the mall? 

As for food, we have not been disappointed this season...but we can indeed find room for more that hasn't made it to the holiday table. We tend to lean sweet and chocolatey for Christmas, and then move towards crunchy and savory for New Year's -- things like bacon-wrapped water chestnut appetizers, crackers and cheeses, seven-layer dips, and pistachios. But since we inconceivably managed to miss eggnog thus far this year, that will have to squeeze into the lineup, as well as the cannolis that our kids have somehow come to expect every year's end.

I really do other things than eat, I swear; but if I don't indulge in a brioche-wrapped Brie-and-chutney now, how am I going to be able to resolve to scale back for January?

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