Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Menus

Christmas Eve, our yearly simple shepherd's supper of lentil stew with carrots, celery, and lamb.
Christmas morning -- purchased pannetone and sausage (and stockings-ful of pomegranates and chocolate).

Christmas Feast
Tomato basil soup
Pomegranate-pecan green salad
Glazed ham
Tricolor New England salt potatoes
Roasted Brussels sprouts with mustard glaze

This was a really, really simple meal to prepare. 

Open a few cans of tomatoes and tomato juice, simmer, blend, add a little cream and herbs; wash some lettuce, throw on some of the pomegranate seeds lying around from breakfast and pecans left over from Thanksgiving pies, open storebought raspberry-walnut dressing.

Have husband roast and glaze the meat.

Boil a pot of really, really salty water and throw those fancy little Costco potatoes in it; toss halved sprouts with oil, salt and pepper, and stick in the oven for half an hour after the ham comes out, then pour over some mustard and vinegar mixed together when you serve them. (The sprouts ended up being our favorite-ever, FYI. Credit due to a recipe from the most ridiculously-unbelievably perfect blog since Martha Stewart.)

The only thing that ended up not being so simple was the risalamande - I jinxed myself by posting about it, and it curdled. We started a new batch and were able to still eat it before bedtime, with S. finding the whole almond and putting it in plain sight on his spoon while everyone kept asking, "Did anyone get the almond? Who got the almond? Nora, hurry up!!" Very hilarious. 

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