Monday, February 4, 2013

-sigh- I hate to do it, but I guess I'll have to post a link to a "sponsored" recipe by Kraft.  I saw that cake on Pinterest and this is the site that had the recipe, but I must give a disclaimer that (of course) I did not use cake mix or Cool Whip, I made my own cake and real whipped cream.  I'm sure it tastes great either way.

Though, the recipe was such an easy concept that I think I'll be modifying it in the future for other cakes with different flavors.  I'd love to do all sorts of fillings, like raspberry or cherry or strawberry, with different kinds of cake, and yet with a familiar set of steps.

So, this week:

Muesli; potato/sweet potato wedges, cooked cabbage, lemon bars
Cracked wheat, hot cocoa, fruit; bean soup, beets, some kind of bread or cornbread
Cream of Wheat, smoothie; chicken stir-fry
Oatmeal; spaghetti, Brussels sprouts
Cereal, eggs; tuna melts, salad
Muffins; leftovers
Pancake-in-the-oven, fruit; egg rolls and whatever other Chinese New Year stuff I end up doing

And, sorry, some overly hefty food for thought that I read the other day:
I was going to post and comment and now I doubt I'll get to it, but I'll just slap it in here anyway.

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