Thursday, February 7, 2013

Little Red Hen Strikes Again

If it's possible for my husband to love me even more, he probably will after he finds out what I did today...

I took my ever-glorious granola recipe and, based on an idea I had seen, modified it into Pumpkin Granola.  I can't tell you how good it smells baking, and that's before I've put in the bag of cinnamon chips I happen to have in the cupboard.  It also uses up some leftovers of home-pureed pumpkin from our Halloween bounties that was about to go bad in the fridge.  Oh, and it's home-ground whole wheat as one of the ingredients, along with some flax meal to punch up the omega-3s.

But let me just show you.

I'll try to manage a picture of it after it's baked all crunchy, but usually it doesn't last long... Also, I'm having a GREAT week for flourishing, despite the winter doldrums that still intrude on occasion.  (I had some French-existential moments this morning that would have made Camus proud.)

I took a private dance lesson and found out that I can still rock some of that Latin training I got in college, I went to book club and learned all about Tess of the d'Urbervilles' tragic literary relevance, and today I signed up for a free online course on complex systems, which will come with a final exam and actual completion certification from the Santa Fe Institute.  It's probably only the equivalent of 1 credit, but hey I'll take it.  (Thanks, again, to the hubby for discovering it and getting me started.)  Oh, and I'm going to the temple tomorrow while the kids are in school.  Booyah.

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