Thursday, January 31, 2013


Oreo-filled cake

Sourdough-potato bread

Made these on Monday.  No, nobody's birthday, I just wanted to use the cake plate that was my favorite Christmas present.  We only have dessert once or twice a week, so I figured I'd go all out.

Also, we were out of bread and my sourdough was turning black, so I needed to use it. (Cook's note: just pour off the blackish liquid and use/replenish the sourdough.  No prob.)

As for saving $, have I mentioned how we reuse paper?  All the flyers, returned homework, forms, whatever that we get from school and church get flipped over and used as scratch paper on the backside.  Yes, I sit and sort through the kids' folders to see which are double-sided (to recycle) and which aren't (to save).  Plus S. has started bringing home more from the office, because apparently every print job on the shared printer has an identifying header sheet which otherwise gets tossed.  So he's been adding those to our collection as well.