Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I was mining my old blog posts recently for as many meal ideas as I could find, and realized how useful some of my weekly menu posts had been.  I'd like to go back to that format rather than expounding on each day's meal too much.

This week:
Blueberry oatmeal; spaghetti with lemon-thyme marinara, corn, chocolate cupcakes
Cracked wheat, fruit/milk smoothie; French onion soup, leftovers
Butterscotch oatmeal, fruit; goulash, spinach
Cornmeal mush, scrambled eggs, fruit; pottage, roasted fingerling potatoes
Bagels, fried eggs, fruit; burritos, mixed veggies
Pancakes, applesauce, bacon; salmon burgers, salad
Cereal; teriyaki chicken, carrots

I haven't had any other great writing coalesce actually outside my mind, though I've been pondering guns a fair amount (along with the rest of the country); I've also been thinking about how hope, refinement, and motivation reflect on flourishing.  I'll come back to those ideas soon.

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