Thursday, January 17, 2013

Old Cheese

My mother-in-law would be definitely be proud of S. and I.  For the 'croutons' to put on our French onion soup the other night, I used Swiss cheese slices that S. had brought home from work before Christmas.  They had been out all day in the conference room to begin with, and so had dried-up edges when he brought them home; in the intervening time since then, let's just say they had gotten less fresh.

Swiss cheese is almost never on sale and so I wouldn't have had any otherwise, but it really is the cheese you should have toasted on top of the baguette slice in your bowl of French onion.  So I got enough viable cheese out of that stack for our dinner, and thought I'd do whatever you call it (not bragging) when you use up food most normal people would have thrown out.  And lest I take all the spotlight, S. pointed out that he should be congratulated for bringing it home in the first place.  (It also went into a quiche back in December.)

It wasn't this bad, actually

I may be frugal, but I generally know when food is past its prime and am willing to let it go.  I have good meal-planning habits that prevent most bad cases of leftovers, anyway.  It took me a long while after I was married to understand the food (and leftovers) culture of my husband's I'm proud to really live up to their standards this week!

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