Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Chili last night, plus the ultimate ridiculousness which was me 
*grinding my own wheat
*kneading my own dough
*baking my own bread
all for the purpose of drying it out and stuffing it in a bird tomorrow.
S. jokes sometimes that we really just need to learn how to grow wheat in our large backyard, and then he wouldn't have to mow and I could truly be the little red hen.

And yes, I do ask myself "WHY?!" as I'm doing all this, but somehow I just couldn't bring myself to buy either bread or stuffing cubes even though I passed them at the store that very day and knew I really was too busy to do it myself...

And in that spirit, as soon as I get a pot or dish available today (they're all dirty) I'm starting on the cranberry sauce and pies and sweet potatoes so that tomorrow all I have to do is put the turkey in the oven, bake some rolls, and clean for the guests.  It's not that hard, actually, getting up the motivation to start on the dishes is the main barrier!

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