Monday, November 19, 2012

Blue Food, Percy Jackson-style

We daringly invited 11 of these to our house this weekend:

They played capture the flag, pinned-the-eye-on-a-Cyclops, and fought Kronos (older brother Ian) with half a dollar-store pool noodle.

We made shrinky-dink Camp Half-Blood necklaces:

We fed them sloppy Joes (unthematic, just fun), blue Jello cake and "magic" blue soda.  I put a drop of blue food coloring in the bottom of each cup in advance, so when I poured the ginger ale it bubbled up blue in front of their eyes.  I can't believe they didn't catch on, but they so didn't!

We sent them home with t-shirts, chocolate coins (drachma), mentos (like Minos?), and bubbles (the Mist).

All to celebrate this:

We love you, Sage!  Happy Eleventh!

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