Thursday, July 26, 2012

Onion rings.  Never made them before, they were extremely messy, time-consuming, and greasy.  But delicious.  I also didn't realize how very far a jumbo onion would go once battered and fried, and so doubled the recipe.  We were cooking for over an hour, with S. spelling me for a good stretch -- and then, this morning he reported he had a dream that he had somehow let snakes loose in the house and kept finding them, including "bits" of them.  He realized that the dream was his brain's take on frying all those onions!  Hilarious.

Cheapness: going to the state fair on the day when kids' admissions are free.  I guess it only saved us like $12, but that's enough that we could then stop at Byler's (a cool Amish store with a huge bulk food section with lots of unusual and novelty items) and let the kids browse and each pick something to take home.  I also found some other cool hard-to-find ingredients there that I had been wanting so that I could try some new recipes.  The Byler's stores are only down in the Dover area where the fair is, so we wouldn't make a separate trip.

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