Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Potato-broccoli-corn chowder for dinner, with a salad.  And some sadness right now, with news and relationships changing with both my mother and S.'s.

So much is hidden,
Beckoning beyond us,
Luring us with light, hinting
That we will find the truth
And be free.  And yet,
We will never quite see what is hidden;
It is lost to us.  It was lost long ago
When we dropped the burden of our
Innocence at the way side.
Misery is our constant companion
Uncertainty our constant knowledge --
But we are not sad or unsure, we
Are hopeful and so, so certain.  Ironic?
Yes, as ironic as it will be
When we crack the final door
And see that his face is ours,
We ourselves the perfect eternity.

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