Friday, July 27, 2012

Full disclosure -- I may have to rescind or modify my "unwashed" theory, I caught that stomach bug last night.  No fun.  But, I still actually think my theory may hold some water despite that.
(Man, my subconscious always sneaks those puns in there!  I swear it wasn't me.)

So, as I sit here nursing a freeze pop to start my stomach back down the road towards food, I'll tell you that we had chili, cornbread, and a garden salad last night.

Also, I've been waiting for what seems like months for the plenteous tomatoes on my giant tomato bushes to ripen into red, and the first blush appeared yesterday.  I was starting to worry, phew.  They were full of fruit, just sitting there solid green for weeks.  I'm grateful, because much of our garden has failed this year and I was at least hoping for one solid crop.

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