Friday, June 1, 2012


The earth has revolved once more around the sun, and I'm a year older.  We celebrated my 35th birthday yesterday, which was delightful.  I surprised my family by not asking for burritos for my birthday dinner...instead I went with an Italianish strata, and I don't regret it.  S. spent a lot of time and effort also making me a high-quality red velvet cake, which included both a red velvet cake mix with pudding in the mix, and extra red food coloring and extra pudding that he put in himself.  His cream cheese frosting was also better than mine, and the result was polished off very quickly between dessert and, ahem, breakfast.  (Why let it go stale, right?)

(Candles in binary, facing me, not the camera)

As for saving money, I had a coupon for a free movie, so I found a matinee of something that sounded possibly interesting and left Nora with a friend while I saw it.  It turns out, though, that I was not quite the demographic the film must have been aiming for, because the showing was packed, and everyone there had white hair.  I found it very amusing, and still enjoyed the movie, but I guess maybe I'm "old at heart"... ah well, a very appropriate joke to play on myself for my birthday.  I aspire to be that cute, pleasant, smart and still-kicking old person, so I'm glad I seem to be well on my way!

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