Monday, June 4, 2012

Roots and Friendship

Hawaiian haystacks.  Though, I completely forgot that we would want fresh tomatoes, so S. suggested we substitute canned -- it didn't ruin it, but neither did it help.  Also, Sunday dinners are now supposed to be with kids making as much of the meal as they can, but yesterday we had a child in tears because S. got so caught up in all the fun toppings, grating cheese, etc. that he left the child behind in the dust.

Living a fruitful, frugal life -- today I'm thinking about friendships, networks, and the way those can be one of the greatest blessings AND money-savers.  We've now lived in this area for 6 years, which is the longest we've ever spent anywhere, and I am so incredibly grateful to have built up relationships here that provide joy and opportunities to give and receive service.

I've never been one who feels like I fit in easily, and it's really taken the full 5 or 6 years to get to a point of trusting my peers enough to ask them for help and to have the confidence to be myself; but I'm grateful to the Lord (and my husband, who struggles with staying put) that I've been able to do that.  It's still hard -- I still annoy and offend, and get annoyed and lonely in return -- but there is patience and forgiveness here for me among my friends and neighbors.

My kids have doors they know they can always knock on; we've been able to borrow all sorts of tools and even riding mowers when we have repairs or projects; people will swap playdates, child care and carpooling without counting up who "owes"; I've gotten sweet, unexpected gifts on my birthday this year and last.  I don't need to go out and spend money, for the most part, to find companionship and fun.  Neither S. nor I have a really, really good friend close by (besides each other), but I feel deeply blessed to have lived somewhere long enough to put down roots and make those essential connections with others.

Thank you, all my wonderful folks!!  You're worth millions!

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