Tuesday, May 29, 2012


A few days ago I posted a little bit about our water use, but it was at the end of a nondescript post and hence invisible.  Here's a link for context, and a repost:

Our family (as far as I can tell, it was hard to pin down consistent national numbers) uses 1/6th the average in water consumption.  Between the six of us and our garden, we use roughly 120-125 gallons a day in our home, which sounds like a lot to me, but I guess it's not.
Per week, I run about 5 loads of wash, 3-4 loads in the dishwasher, and about 15 showers and one bath for the lot of us.  We also turn off the water in the shower when we're not actually rinsing, etc.  Most of us only wash our hair one or maybe two times in a week*, otherwise we just do a quick body rinse to keep the bacteria at bay.  In terms of equipment, our washer is a new front-loader but our shower heads and toilets are extremely old and inefficient.  Just think if they were updated!

Food yesterday was a ward barbecue, for which I followed my recent yearly tradition of picking my first garden lettuce for a salad.  Radishes and green onions also from the garden, along with some feta, shredded carrot, sunflower seeds, artichoke hearts, and a nice homemade Italian dressing.

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