Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Curried potatoes.  It's a great, simple way to eat potatoes a little differently.  Use half a stick of butter and saute an onion in it, then add 3 potatoes (diced) and cook and stir them until the butter is all absorbed, which will be a little while.  Add a cup of broth, 2 tsp. each of curry powder and lemon juice, and put the lid on to simmer a few minutes to finish it off.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Grandma is visiting and was impressed with the recipe as a delicious change for potatoes.  Optional: include some sweet potatoes.

Yesterday I saved money by packing a picnic lunch for my husband, in-laws, Nora and I instead of going out to eat.  We picked S. up from work for a lunch before his dad left that afternoon, but we decided to bring food of our own instead of making it a restaurant occasion.  Freshly made egg salad sandwiches -- the eggs were freshly boiled that morning and prepared, the bread was baked the night before, the sweet relish was our own canned garden produce -- and some fruit and chips were very pleasant as we ate in a shady, green park.

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