Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hotch Potch

We really have not been eating particularly well (or on time) this week.  Friday night was a canceled camping trip, so we had bologna grinders with Jarlsberg cheese that were meant to be foil-baked but were instead eaten cold and in a hurry.  I think we made a salad too.  And then last night S. and I left the kids all afternoon (hooray!!) to see the Avengers, and I thought they deserved better than ramen after being so good at home alone while we enjoyed ourselves so dang much.  So, we made it an excuse to stop at the Trader Joe's near the movie theater and brought home some fresh artichokes and mandarin chicken.  Not bad, but the chicken tasted processed to me.  My conclusion after this week is that I like how easy it is being "normal" and throwing processed food at my family, but it does NOT satisfy my tummy.  (And that's connected to my mind and spirit, too.)

For frugality, I've been having a good week refinishing our master closet (it completely died on us) and using our old mattress cover as a drop cloth for the painting.  I was going to throw it away since it's 13 years old and getting tattered holes, and then I thought it might do as quilt batting, but I think I like it as a drop cloth best.  I also did a thrift store run and got some awesome duds, I needed to replace a pair of jeans and along with that found a nifty-perfect pair of j.jill slacks, total $8.75 for both.  Sage got a cute new summer dress which she badly needed, as well as an adorable Tommy Hilfiger short-sleeved hoodie, all for $6.75.

And for Mother's Day, here are some great thoughts by friends of mine:
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