Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Little Victories

Quick one.  Tonight I managed dinner by 7, but that's only because it was easy spaghetti (canned sauce), spinach, and canned corn and I thought I'd have it on the table a half hour early.  Good thing I thought that.

My Mother's Day dinner was impressively pulled together on time and seemingly effortlessly, as well, so a big big kudos to the great man in charge of that!  Maple-soy marinated wild salmon, rice, asparagus, and tapioca for dessert.  He also cooked us a fresh batch of pancakes for lunch that day and let me sleep, write in my journal for a good long stretch, and play my flute for an hour and the piano for another half hour or so.  He was pooped, but very appreciated.

Yesterday I went a little out of my way to hit a couple of sales, which I think you'll agree were worth the trip: I spent a whole $16
for 10 pounds of butter, 6 bags (pound-size) of frozen mixed vegetables, 7 small avocados, 4 small papayas, and 10 cans of vegetables.  (Corn, green beans, peas, wax beans, etc.)  Ka-ching! (Need I mention, coupons were not involved?)
I also sold our old, old red Suburban for $400 more than we bought it for.  Victory dance...

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