Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'll be leaving early on a long field trip with my daughter tomorrow, so I'll post tonight.  We ate a colorful, tasty, balanced dinner -- except that somehow I timed it all wrong and we didn't eat till at least 7:30.  Very hungry folks at the table...but we really enjoyed it.

We had pan-fried sweet potatoes, a big ol' omelette, and green beans again, this time gratinee'd, which is one of my favorite ways to dress up veggies.

We once fed the missionaries, and they walked in and told us, hey, we have a threesome this time, hope that's OK.  But the dinner I had made was a little skimpy, so I quickly microwaved a frozen veggie mix, popped it in the oven with some cream, Parmesan and seasoned bread crumbs (all that homemade bread that gets stale goes into my freezer as crumbs, awesome cheap repurposing), and they never knew I didn't make enough in the first place.  In fact, one of them was raving about the gratin all night, thinking it was part of a fancy menu plan.

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