Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Goodness

This Easter, I asked for helpers with the food, and got a wonderful girl who very nearly made the whole gourmet meatloaf herself.  She was most nervous about cutting an onion herself, which is understandable; but she still did half of it fairly willingly, and I did the other half.  I enlisted Ian to cut up the red peppers, and Lucy volunteered to get in on the action by dicing the tomatoes we needed.  It was amazing -- they all did a really good quality job, and I was able to step back into a supervisory role and wash the waiting pile of dishes while THEY did the actual food prep.  Plus, it made everyone happy to be a part of a special meal like that.

But I'm especially proud of this big, grown-up Sage.

 The actual menu was meatloaf with tomato relish -- which is the red stuff you see on top/under the bacon -- and was mouthwatering.  The finished product should actually have more of the relish served on top, but I went without it for the photo.  Such an incredibly moist meatloaf -- not that I have a lot to compare to, but its texture was really, really beyond wonderful.  Superb job, Sage!  We also cooked some little tiny fingerling potatoes in this salt coating which made them very sparkly, as well as the obvious brussels sprouts and a carrot cake.

And, S. made these cute little eggs in the waffle iron on a whim on Saturday.  Coolness, huh?

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