Saturday, April 7, 2012

Well, we're definitely still on the downward slope of this home remodeling stuff.  It's not even a remodeling so much as a repurposing of rooms, but it affects the bedrooms/junk/closets of all 6 members of our family. Only one person is staying where they were before, and even then they've completely swapped furniture.  So, I may be MIA for a little while, since we're not likely to be finished anytime soon and we've got a little family trip next week on top of it.

My food has definitely suffered as well.  Last night I made a biscuit dough/tuna/pesto/broccoli/cream cheese/shredded carrots thing that sounded good but was a bit burnt and somehow disappointing, it was really thrown together quickly with whatever I found on hand.  And the night before was a chicken divan thing with canned chicken and spinach.  It was OK too, but was also made under some pressure and distractions.  Still, considering how much furniture I've moved this week, I proclaim these meals wild successes.

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