Thursday, March 8, 2012

 I won't be making either of these things again, but I'll still enjoy the pictures.  First was last night's quinoa side dish with grapefruit, celery, and a little olive oil and Parmesan.  It wasn't bad, but neither was it very good.  Fun to try, but I had to supplement the dinner with some microwave popcorn so that everyone actually got enough to eat.  Flounder baked with my homemade pesto is always welcome, though.  (And sustainable: I've done the research, and Costco's Trident brand is safe every time, though most of the other stuff there is not.)

This second picture is of oatmeal sourdough bread, which sounds wonderful and looks lovely and somehow just tastes like regular bread, only extremely crumbly.  Any bread with sourdough is generally the opposite of crumbly, that's one of its advantages; but I've tried this particular recipe enough times now that I know the crumbliness is not a fluke.  My poor kids try to patch it together with their peanut butter, with little success.

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