Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hunh, just noticed I missed yesterday.  Ah well, the world still turns. 
Last night we fried up some homemade bean burritos and a salad, and the beans were not from a can.  I've never minded canned refried beans in the slightest, but how is it that once you've tasted freshly made anything it's hard to go back?  Now that's happened to us with burritos.

--deep voice-- Previously in our kitchen, we enjoyed a little penne with spinach and sun-dried tomatoes.  Many kids just picked out the tomatoes, but that was fine for the one daughter who adores them and just stole everyone's pile of pickings.  Oh, and more canned beets on the side.  I'm valiantly chugging through that food storage, I can't wait to see the nice low grocery bill this month.

I've been trying to start on another topical post, but am having trouble picking a subject, there are so many good ones.  Work/grit is at the top of my list, but there's also exercise, money, or just fun kitchen gadgetry.  If the one or two of you have any particular preferences, I'd be glad to oblige!

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