Thursday, March 29, 2012

I made pork n' beans last night (yes, from dry beans), with rice and canned beets and some cooked cabbage.

I also went to a chocolate-making class last weekend that a stake member put on for those who were interested.  She's a professional, runs her own catering and chocolates business, and we paid a little fee and got 3+ hours of hands-on experience.  I'm not a huge chocoholic, but that class was enough to make me feel comfortable and familiar with lots of types of candy-making and want to try more.  It's amazing how many variations there can be on just Belgian chocolate, cream, and corn syrup -- there will be no more chocolate-flavored palm oil wafers melted and molded in Wilton shapes over here!  But now I'm trying to resist not sharing all the goodies I brought home with me.  Among other things, homemade chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs, orange-infused truffles, double-dipped pretzels (caramel and chocolate), and what she calls "snicks" because they're like a certain candy bar.  They're all in my freezer, all actually made by me, and I'm trying to fairly dole them out to all the kids without hogging them for myself.  I did eat the chocolate mousse in the bowl-made-of-chocolate mostly without sharing, though...

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