Saturday, March 31, 2012

Missed a day because I was finishing a book that was due today.  I'm working on reviewing it, but have (as usual) so many ideas in my head that it may not be birthed.  And next week we have some home remodeling going on, followed by Easter and spring break, so I hope I'm not derailed too seriously.  In the meantime, we've eaten some good things lately.

I've made omelettes for breakfast, and a very herby rosemary bread with goat cheese for lunch.  Divine!!  The omelette leftovers from the littlest kids were good on the bread too... Last night we did pizza after a few weeks without, and I rolled the crust into individual little pizzas for each kid to top, which was way fun for them.  Thursday we had sesame noodles (sort of a Thai peanut buttery sauce), and tonight we're having guests over for a big piping pot of Mulligatawny.  Tomorrow, for Sunday Conference morning, we're making delightful cottage cheese croissants -- the dough is chilling in my fridge as we speak, with kids drooling over it.

Oh, and I've crossed a new line of eco-craziness.  Yesterday, after pulling Nora in the bike trailer to the park, I got out our rotary/reel mower and did the front and side lawn.  It was tiring, but also very satisfying.  And then I let Ian take it into the back yard and make random alien markings in the long grass.  I won't be doing it regularly but heck, it wasn't nearly as bad as I had imagined.  Get a free workout outdoors, save gas, easily stop and chat with neighbors, and not worry about mower safety with kids nearby.  Not to mention that our other mower is still out of commission and the publicly visible section of lawn is now tamed.

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