Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend report -- we didn't have pizza, we had some friends over and went with that theme of cleaning out overlooked food, which was quite surprisingly fun for a potluck.  The other mom brought the rest of a box of mini candy canes, and we offered some year-or-two-old microwave caramel popcorn, both of which were very popular.  And I dug out three remaining hot dogs that have been hiding in my freezer, portioned them out into 12 pieces, and made octodogs like I've been meaning to forever.  We also made sure there were a few fruits and vegetables out there for health's sake, but it was really an enjoyable, quirky meal with friends.  Followed by all the kids dancing in our new black lights and a game of Balderdash.  Pretty awesome.

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  1. Our almost-9-year-old is very excited about blacklights too, and fluorescent rocks-- so we'll be getting some larger blacklights soon too. So much fun imagining your fam having fun at this gathering!