Monday, March 27, 2017

My Husband Cooked for a Month

Since he finished studying for and taking his bar exam about a month ago, and is still unemployed, he volunteered to plan meals and cook them. And he did a great job, which shouldn't be a surprise, but which is still a delight to discover for sure. Plus, every man should learn how to make pizza dough from scratch. I could get used to this...

It was also helpful to know, in a few instances, which of my recipes are still a little hard to decipher for a slightly less-experienced cook. But overall, one of my biggest gripes when someone else cooks is how much I have to be on hand to answer questions and generally be extra-reassuring, and I'm very gratified that we're past that annoying stage after this past month of Hubby Menus.

But today I decided to put my oar in again, so here are some Monday menus so you wouldn't miss me too much.

Monday: A Moroccan sweet potato-pork stew.
Tuesday: Falafel from a mix. (After a number of failures over the years, I've decided to try again. We'll see.)
Wednesday: Pasta with a choice of sauces, cooked spinach.
Thursday: Salmon burgers, carrots.
Friday: Leftovers for the girls, S. and I are going to be fed by our teenage son and his peers at the church. How much do you want to bet it's pasta?
Saturday: Scalloped potatoes, broccoli.
Sunday: In the morning, our favorite Conference-weekend treat, cottage cheese croissants. Then Cuban black beans for dinner.

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