Monday, October 5, 2015


Just FYI, grated eggplant doesn't substitute all that well for zucchini in a quick bread. Or at least, it would take some real getting used to. One of my pickiest kids liked it plenty and ate a bunch; most of us managed to eat a fair amount when offered chocolate frosting on top; and my least picky kid just couldn't get around the idea of eggplant bread. But it was worth the try, we're pretty much sick of eggplant every other way and I had some beautiful barbarellas that were just going to rot if I left them at the farm.

I suppose I could have cooked and mashed them before putting them in a recipe, more like banana bread than zucchini bread, but I decided to leave my efforts at peeling and grating.

I have to say, though, that I do feel really, really pleased that I've been using a lot of eggplant this season. It's always been one of the few vegetables on my no-no list (it turns a gross brown, has those annoying seeds, and then there's the odd spongy texture), but my husband likes it and I decided to take the plunge. It didn't hurt that I could pick up such pretty varieties at work, of course -- they piqued my interest more than the typical supermarket ones would. But, while I wouldn't put it on my favorites list, I now know that I can stand to eat eggplant on occasion. It feels like an accomplishment.

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