Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Menus, Simplified

I'm doing away with breakfast, no one here is eating it anyway.

I'm providing bread for toast (a little more storebought in the rotation, I'm realistic) and making myself a big pot of oatmeal or whatever similar that I crave and eating it until it's gone.

If anyone else eats oatmeal along with me, great, but I'm not stressing over trying to tempt anyone with bigger and better breakfast endeavors. I still plan for special muffins or hash browns or whatnot on Saturday mornings, and Sunday we'll have our weekly dose of cereal, but I'm going to try going the other way on weekdays. At least until the miraculous day when someone misses my cooking...

(I'm not totally complaining about my family's taste -- I have one kid who's willing to eat whatever, but he's the one that leaves before 6 in the morning so he won't get anything fresh no matter what I plan; I have another who's vaguely willing but not thrilled; and my husband has mostly taken himself out of the equation by cooking his own regimen of eggs, miso, and tortillas, which is just fine.)

So, I'll just be planning dinner menus. Excellent.

We had shepherd's pie on Monday, and yesterday it was a BLT salad (the bacon drippings even in the dressing) and an egg dish I made up on the fly. I was intending to make quiche, but some car trouble ate up a lot of my day. I buttered a big pan and lined it with dry bread crumbs and slices of Swiss cheese, cracked a dozen eggs on top, and covered it with more bread crumbs, this time ones mixed with a little more of those fresh bacon drippings. It had to cook a little longer than I expected, but ended up working fine. It came out of the pan in perfect, cohesive pieces and left us nice and satisfied. I'd prefer quiche any day, but it worked, and balanced out the salad well.

Tonight, salmon burgers and cooked carrots.
Thursday, spaghetti and canned corn.
Friday, chili and cornbread.
Saturday, vegetable stir-fry.
Sunday, pancakes and applesauce.

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