Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Tzatziki (front) and tirasalata, with carrots, cucumber, and blanched yellow squash

OK, another new favorite -- what my 20-year-old cookbook is calling Cretan Tirasalata, but what I call An Incredibly Simple Spread the Internet Doesn't Know About Yet.

Seriously simple, and not online anywhere. If you search for it, you get one of those 'did you mean?' messages referring you to a dip with caviar. Um, nope.

This is equal parts feta and cottage cheese, blended with olive oil and herbs until it's smooth.

No longer will my Costco-sized feta container end up with the last third of it turning moldy. My teenage son even dipped his chocolate granola bar in this stuff and proclaimed it delicious -- all right, I admit that's not the best selling point. But it's really nice to have a new member of the dip party, to go along with the ubiquitous ranch dressing and hummus. I love hummus, yes I do, but this is a niiiice change and healthy as heck, right?

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