Sunday, July 20, 2014

Maine Menus

Camping in Maine this week -- a place none of us have ever been, so we're very excited. Here's the plan for our food:

Monday (mostly driving):
Banana bread
Bagels, cream cheese, apples, buy chocolate milk along the way
Hot dogs, baked beans, s'mores

Butterscotch oatmeal, canned mandarin oranges
Buy lobster rolls for lunch, maybe blueberry pie
Hobo dinners, baked apples

Pancakes, applesauce, syrup
Turkey and cheddar sandwiches, apples
Omelettes, instant rice, canned green beans

Dutch oven 'almost pumpkin pie'
Pbj sandwiches, fresh fruit of some kind, string cheese
Tuna sandwiches, salad, yogurt

Instant oatmeal, hard-boiled eggs
Ham sandwiches, dried mangoes
Chilaquile casserole, zucchini

Saturday (on the road again):
Cereal, milk, canned pineapple
Hummus, bread, baby carrots, beef jerky
Spaghetti at home

I'll have to find a grocery store to buy fresh bread, milk, fruit, and veggies nearer the end of the week, along with hummus and ham, but the rest I'm preparing and packing in advance.

Cannot wait!!

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