Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Weekend Out

To report back about my trip to DC (as I mentioned in my last post), I really enjoyed attending both the temple and the feminist gathering. The Exponent II bunch was a touch more radical than I had anticipated, truthfully, but the people were also genuinely delightful, and there was a really good feeling in the room. I met and spoke with Claudia Bushman and Aimee Hickman, and surprisingly, saw Kate Kelly there, who started the Ordain Women movement. They were all lovely, funny, gracious, and friendly, and I'll long remember being in that group that night.

Related to that topic, there have been some well-balanced articles lately about the Ordain Women movement which I have appreciated reading. One was in The Atlantic, a source I read regularly, and the other was on a blog called Exploring Sainthood, which I know barely anything about, but ran across. I'm sure there are more articles out there, but these have resonated with me in trying to examine, give the benefit of the doubt, and follow this issue. Another important touchstone address, for me, is Neylan McBaine's as reported on FairMormon. I'm proud to take some small steps out of my 'closet' feminism in the company of women like her.

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