Friday, April 25, 2014

Last Day of Spring Break

We're finishing up our staycation week, which has included a trip to a special children's library, a few free tours, the local children's museum, and a family game of Poison (a cool basketball game which is a fun tradition from my childhood).

We've also been working on removing and rebuilding a short slate wall on the side of our house, to push out the landscaping bed and make room for some garlic, more rhubarb, and the inevitable expansion of the blackberries we planted in 2012. My husband will support any project that reduces the amount of lawn he has to mow!

But tomorrow, I get to take a day trip all of my own. I'm going to attend a temple session, then I've bought a ticket to hear Claudia Bushman speak about the future of Mormon feminism. Should be a wonderfully thought-provoking outing, I'm excited. 

At the same time, we've been fighting a discouraging battle against head lice for over two months now. This is our first experience with it, and has left me in particular feeling tired, frustrated, and ashamed as we keep discovering more just when we think we're done. (It also has left me with much less time to write!)

So apparently, the eternal sublime and the miserable mundane live simultaneously side by's all part of flourishing, I'm sure.

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