Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Birthday Cake

I ran across this recipe for Apple Cinnamon Custard Cake sometime back, and have been anticipating any special occasion for my husband so that I could try it. It sounded very up his alley...

So I broke it out for his birthday yesterday, and it was a keeper! We'll be using this recipe again, definitely. I may even bake this in mini loaf pans to give away for some occasion, it seems like it would lend itself well to that. It's simple-yet-elegant looking, somehow neither custardy OR cake-y exactly, but scrumptious nonetheless.

We didn't have the type of pan called for, so I substituted a tube pan; also, I had some leftover cream cheese glaze languishing in my fridge, so I put that on top instead of the powdered sugar dusting. That all worked fine, though admittedly the kids did end up with stickier fingers than they might have...

I didn't stop the festivities to go for a particularly 'gourmet' picture, but here's our happy-making cake.

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