Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Oatmeal ≈≈ Pottage  (or, as my daughter Sage put it, we had porridge and pottage)
Cream of Wheat, fruit, hot cocoa ≈≈ Roasted brussels sprouts, cheese 'flan'*
Muesli ≈≈ Cajun pan potatoes, green beans
Cornbread, fried eggs, fruit ≈≈ Tuscan bean salad
Cran-banana muffins ≈≈ Potstickers for Chinese New Year
Cereal ≈≈ Leftovers
Fast Sunday ≈≈ Stone Soup, our Groundhog's Day tradition

*(Really more of a souffle/quiche hybrid, a recipe I've literally wanted to try since I saw it in a cookbook I got for my wedding. I'll report back on how it was, I'm excited!)

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