Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Final Pie

A sort of a caramel-pumpkin-chiffon-meringue, this pie was just barely worth the work it took to make. S. and I agreed, after the incredible multi-step process of making it, that it was a delicious and fun experiment for one year, but that we wouldn't be duped by pretty pictures in Better Homes and Gardens again.

One step required refrigeration for two hours, a later step required refrigeration for four; plus separating eggs, cooking caramel, whipping cream, beating meringue over a double boiler, and blind-baking a crust separately. Not to mention the shocking amounts of cream, sugar, and eggs, which combined to make a grand total of nearly seven thousand calories for the whole pie.

But it turned out well, and has been a very memorable variation on the holiday pumpkin theme.

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