Thursday, November 28, 2013


I reached that point yesterday where I questioned my own sanity -- too much cooking for one day. I was definitely in the grumpy zone by bedtime; but the day before Thanksgiving is so essential for advance preparation, and my husband checked out a Martha Stewart pie cookbook from the library... need I say more?

So after three ambitious pies (one still to be photographed later), candied yams, cranberry sauce, and stuffing, I've decided to completely delegate the rest. I've got the kids on board to clean the house and make the rolls today. My husband will baste the bird to within an inch of its life, since it's the highlight of his whole year. He's such a cutie that way. And I'm sure he'll pitch in on the house and dishes as well.

So, all I have to do today is be grateful. Grateful for friends and family, love and affection, peace and happiness. The abundance of my blessings is nearly overwhelming. I'm sure the noise of nine kids in the house later today will give that statement another layer of meaning, but for now it's literal.

(Lest you worry that S. isn't pulling his share, he's been on emergency fish tank duty. He made a late, tired run to the pet store last night for medications, followed by cleaning out an entire year's worth of gross fungus hiding under the gravel, after Sage noticed our fish's mouth was rotting. We felt so bad. And simultaneously disgusted. So, he's been plenty heroic in the background here.)

Stayman winesap apples with cheddar lattice crust
Pretty pecan

Praline candied yams

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